A little about us …

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Welcome to Dragon Papillon Photography.

I am an Australian freelance photographer based in Sydney and run my own photography studio.  My motto is Collaboration and Creativity with Passion.

Dragon Papillon Photography predominately works with small and emerging businesses, creating commercial images that will promote a business, their products or services in a no-fuss yet creative way.  I strongly believe in collaborating with clients and understanding the story behind their business to develop creative solutions, to help them build a library of promotional images that not only showcase their business but also maximises the returns on their investment in quality imagery.   I understand business priorities – not only from running my own business, but often draw on my many years of experience as a HR executive in major companies in the Resources, Financial Services, and Technology Sectors.

My work also extends to professional portraits and capturing the candid moments at corporate or private events.

Myra Gossow
Founder & Principal Photographer
Dragon Papillon Photography

If you wish to know more about my service offerings, email me at: photos@dragonpapillon.com

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